Residential Services

Home Networking

As the use of laptops and other mobile devices increase, the flexibility of a home network allows you to access your network anywhere in your home. Computers, tablets, printers, and smartphones can be connected through your network. Should you encounter any difficulty with your new purchase, or just feel overwhelmed, give us a call!  Remember – many internet service providers do not offer support for these devices.

  • Wireless Router Setup and Security
  • Network Troubleshooting and Setup
  • Network Printer Setup
  • Home Office Network Troubleshooting and Setup

Onsite Repair

Here are some of the most common issues we take care of:

  • Virus, Spyware and Malware removal
  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • Printer troubleshooting and Setup
  • Operating System and Software Training
  • System Optimization


Having trouble getting your email to work on your Smart Phone? Having trouble with other home electronics? Not sure about how to share your photos or print them? We can help! Just ask us.

The following is a small list of things we can help with:

  • Linking computer and other smart devices
  • General software tutorials
  • Blu-Ray and other entertainment system component setup
  • Netflix setup
  • System upgrades, i.e. hard drive and memory upgrades

Service Area

Dot Calm Dot services the Greater Kingston area. Outlying areas will include a charge for travel time.